Top tips for a successful car window tint

Car window tinting is becoming an increasingly popular feature with drivers who want additional privacy and security, protection from the sun’s glare and heat, or just to update their vehicle’s appearance.

There is always the option to tint your windows yourself, and although this might sound like a daunting prospect a DIY kit will offer you cost savings and convenience where a traditional service will not. Also, the advances in car window tinting kits in recent years has made it relatively easy to go down the DIY route.

Here are our top tips to help you choose a professional car window tint kit:

1. Check the regulations

Before you start, check the regulations for your make and model of car in the place that you are going to drive it. In the UK, there are no rules for tinting the rear passenger windows or the rear windscreen. However, for front side windows and front windscreens, the rules can change depending on when the vehicle was first used.

2. Decide on your tint

There are a plethora of car window tints available. Whether you want a specific finish or effect, make sure you research and decide which tint will look best and also fulfil all your requirements. If possible, see if you can source a simulator so that you will get an idea on how the finished product will look on your car.

It is also important to work out whether you would like to use a car window tint kit that has been pre-cut for your car’s make and model. These systems are often easier to fit as no cutting is required and some sections will be cut into strips for added convenience during the fit.

3. Pick an expert supplier

As demand has increased for car window tint kits, so have the numbers of unscrupulous suppliers. Make sure that you pick a supplier that offers clear advice on how to fit your tint, and also offers free expert advice before, during and after your car window tint has been carried out.

Also check for user reviews and testimonials on a supplier’s products and service. A good and established supplier will always be happy to provide examples of previous work, should be easy to contact and provide a knowledge base for its customers.

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Christmas Delivery and Opening Information

Christmas Opening Times

We will close at 4:30pm on December 23rd and reopen on Monday January 5th. Orders can still be placed during this time and will be processed when we reopen.

Last Posting Dates

Any of our products will make a great Christmas present, so if you want them in time for the big day please take a look at our list of recommend dates when you should place your order by. Our 24 hour service is the only guaranteed service, so the sooner you order the better.

United Kingdom

Royal Mail 48 – Order by 1pm on Thursday 18th December

Royal Mail 24 – Order by 1pm on Friday 19th December

24 Hour Courier – Order by 11am on Tuesday 23rd December 

Western Europe (excluding Greece, Poland) and USA

Order by 1pm on Friday 12th December

Canada, France, Greece, Poland

Order by 1pm on Tuesday 9th December

Cyprus, Eastern Europe and Greece

Order by 1pm on Monday 8th December

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Window tinting as a long-term investment

Tinted windows on a car immediately conjure up images of important businessmen, foreign diplomats and Hollywood stars. But there is a more sensible – and realistic – reason to consider getting your car windows tinted; as a long-term investment in your automobile.

The reason that many, if not most, people do not immediately think of window tinting as a long-term investment is because the savings it provides are mostly of a negative rather than a positive type. What this means is that through preventing a variety of possible accidents and environmental costs, your tinted windows could actually save you a significant sum of money over the lifetime of your car, and may also contribute to it fetching a higher market price if you do eventually decide to sell it.

In un-tinted windows, glare from the sun enters into your car, often making it harder to focus on the road in front of you and therefore increasing the possibility of costly – and possibly lethal – road traffic accidents. In the winter months tinted windows also help to keep the cold out; saving you money on heating your car in much the same way that double-glazed windows do in a house.

Tinting has also been shown again to potentially save you a significant sum of money in the long term by dissuading thieves: firstly because they cannot see any valuables that might be sitting inside your car; and secondly because they cannot see if you are sitting inside either, thus making your automobile too risky of an option for most potential criminals.

Finally it is worth considering that, if you do ever decide to sell your car, tinted windows could significantly increase the final price that it is able to fetch. This is due to the fact small additional ‘features’ – such as a decent stereo system or leather seats – can seriously increase an individual’s valuation of a car they wish to purchase.

So, for all these reasons and more, it should be obvious that tinting is not simply an attractive option for your car but can also be a serious long term investment choice as well.

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Professional window tinting in Chester

We also offer a professional fitting service for all of our products including window tinting, headlight tinting and vehicle wrapping at our fitting centre in Chester.

All window tint installed by us is manufactured by SunTek, one of the best brands available, and comes with a lifetime warranty against our workmanship and against the film fading, cracking or peeling.

Our headlight tinting is also a great way to transform your car, for a relatively low cost, and all film we use is road legal.

Please contact us or view our website for more information.

Car Styling Centre, Unit 4 Ketlan Court, River Lane, Saltney, CH4 8SB
01244 950 514

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Car window tinting: a luxury you can’t afford to miss out on

When we think of tinted windows, we tend to imagine them in sleek, expensive vehicles. Our mind’s eye automatically jumps to the image of a sinuous sports car or classy limousine with darkened windows protecting its wealthy (and possibly famous) occupant from the glare of public attention. In reality, however, window tinting isn’t the sole preserve of the rich; it’s easily accessible to the likes of you and me, too! With simple tinting rolls of car window film available at less than £10 and pre-cut tints available from around £30, anyone can add this striking visual effect to their car.

Don’t let its affordability fool you, though: car window tinting can still lend a luxurious air of style and class to your vehicle. You don’t need to drive a Mercedes or a Porsche to use tinted windows to bring a sense of sophistication to your vehicle. Whatever type of vehicle you take to the road in, tinted windows have a way of saying “I am man (or woman) with a purpose: I am unafraid to make a statement. I know what I want, and what I want is refinement and poise.”

However, window tinting isn’t just about style. As regular readers of this blog will know, there are many good, practical reasons to consider darkening your car’s windows. Not only does window tinting help protect you from glare and make driving easier, it also reduces the amount of harmful UV light entering your car and deters thieves from going after your vehicle while it’s parked (after all: not being able to see what’s going on inside is quite a disincentive for a prospective burglar). Taken on their own merits alone, these advantages are powerful arguments in favour of window tinting. However, in the context of the low price of tinting, they take on even greater weight.

At first glance, it’s tempting to think of tinted windows as an extravagance accessible only to the wealthy, but nothing could be further from the truth: they offer both style and immense practical benefits (including increased safety) to anyone, at low prices. When you’re considering installing tinted windows, you don’t need to ask yourself “can I afford this?” Instead, ask “Can I afford not to do this?”

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Good reasons to be a winter tinter

When you think about the benefits of car window tinting, it’s natural to assume that summer would be the best time of year to fit them. But there are good reasons to fit tinted car window film in winter too.

Not least because on sunny winter days, while you won’t feel the heat, you will certainly still be able to see the glare from the sun when you drive, and that can cause major problems. The sun tends to be lower in the sky for longer during the winter months, so it’s more likely to get in your line of sight while you’re behind the wheel. A car window tint will reduce that troublesome glare and make driving easier.

Skiers wear dark glasses for good reason. Snow can produce an extremely bright glare when the sun reflects off it. Driving in snow is hazardous enough, without the added worry of not being able to clearly see the way ahead. Even if the roads have been cleared, the area either side and in the distance is still likely to be a blanket of white. While it might look like a scene from a picturesque Christmas card, the glare can be off-putting and not a little dangerous. Again, a window tint will help reduce that glare to help you get home safely to a nice, roaring fire (or warm radiators!)

The cold weather won’t mean that everyone will be looking to stay inside and keep warm. Unfortunately, thieves will still be out and about, looking to get their hands on some early Christmas presents. Dark tints on your windows will make them think twice about breaking into your car, as they won’t be able to see what’s going on inside, or if you’ve got anything worth stealing.

Finally, on a lighter note, winter tends to be the time of year when the number of DIY jobs around the house dries up. So fans of DIY with itchy fingers they’re looking to put to good use will enjoy fitting our window tints. They’re pre cut to fit your vehicle and each kit comes with full instructions, making getting your car tinted for the winter really quick and easy.

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The benefits of tinted windows for female drivers

If you are one of the many people who hold the misconception that tinted car windows are only fitted by male drivers, then think again. These days, more and more women drivers are opening up to the idea of tinting their windows, not only to make their cars look more attractive, but also for a number of practical reasons. If you are a female driver and have never considered the idea of car window tinting, then now is the time to look at some of the benefits you can get by modifying your vehicle with stylish tinted windows.

Create more privacy

Privacy inside vehicles is always an issue, especially for female drivers who may be concerned about their personal safety whilst driving. If you commonly drive in the city or travel late at night, you are probably already concerned about your safety when stopping at traffic lights or parking in a dark street. It’s always important to keep personal belongings, like handbags and mobile phones, out of sight, but fitting tinted windows on your vehicle can also help to hinder criminal activity. Thieves are less likely to target your car if the interior is obscured and therefore less likely to break in to steal your belongings.

Protect your children

Every mother worries about the health and safety of their child, so it is natural to be concerned about the damaging effects of the sun’s rays during travel. Surprisingly, fitting tinted windows is an excellent way to protect your child from heat and sunburn in hot weather. Not only will your child feel more comfortable in the cool shade, but the car window film also actively reduces the damaging impact of the sun. Plus, you don’t have to go to the trouble of fitting awkward sun shades that block your vision whilst driving.

Consume less power

One of the many hidden benefits of fitting tinted windows is a reduction in fuel consumption. The direct result of creating a cooler environment inside your car means that you are less likely to need air conditioning, which in turn means that your car will become more economical. Basically, if you want to save more money on your car, try fitting tinted windows.

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Window tinting: for your health and safety?

It’s pretty rare to hear people mention the health and safety benefits when they explain why they’re thinking of adding a tint to their car windows. They’re far more likely to point out how cool a certain shade of tint will make their car look. Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to your car to look amazing. However, if you choose the right kind of car window tint, you could soon be looking good on the road and keeping yourself safer to boot.

Did you know, for example, that as well as looking cool, the tint you choose could actually keep you cool? The reason for that is that the car window film reduces the impact of radiant heat as it hits your windows. It could save you money on your fuel bill as you may have less need to use the air con. The pre cut tint could make a car journey on a hot day a lot more comfortable for everyone, but a word of warning – it won’t make it safe to leave your dog in the car on a hot day!

The hot days may be over for this year, but as winter draws in the sun is low in the sky, and drivers often find they suffer more from the effects of glare around this time of year. Again, car window tinting can reduce the effect of that glare, improving visibility on the road. That’s good news for you, your passengers and other road users. As well as reducing glare, the tints help to block UV rays from the sun that can harm your skin at any time of year.

Tints can also help to keep your car safe even when it’s parked. While they’re not a substitute for locks and car alarms, a pre cut window tint can help reduce the risk of someone breaking into your car. That’s because it makes it a little more difficult for people to see what you’ve got in there. While you may not care too much about a nosy neighbour checking that book perched on your dashboard or spotting that frozen pizza you’ve just bought, you certainly don’t want would-be thieves spotting any valuables you might have in there.

Tints don’t just look great, they actually deliver some great practical benefits. So the next time someone asks you why your car windows are tinted, maybe a better question is: why aren’t yours?

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Tinting: not just for cars

While our minds might immediately jump straight to the world of automobiles and car window tinting when we think about tinting, you can also give the windows in your home the tinted treatment. Available in a range of different finishes, window tints offer a host of advantages that can help protect your home and the valuables within.

One of the most popular reasons people tint their windows is to minimise heat. The sun may be great at keeping our tans topped up, but it can have a damaging effect on furniture, flooring and decorations. If you want to keep those precious appointments to your pad looking just as good as the day you bought them, think about investing in a window film that possesses a high ultraviolet light rejection percentage. Some films are so effective they can block out a whopping 99% percent of the ultraviolet rays the sun beams earthwards.

Aside from prematurely ageing your upholstery, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rate can have a serious impact on your health. The main culprit behind sunburns and a leading contributor to the risks of skin cancer, radiation from ultraviolet light is a recognised carcinogen in humans. To limit your exposure and ensure you stay fighting fit, one of our home window films would make an ideal addition to your room. The films come in a variety of styles and finishes: darker options will help eliminate glare almost completely, while lighter films will give you all the benefits outlined, as well as the benefit of lots of natural light.

We know it doesn’t bear thinking about, but from time to time windows do break. Whether it’s due to a penalty shootout in the back garden gone horribly wrong or vandalism, accidents can and will happen. Luckily, with a cut window film you can reduce the risk of shattering and help keep yourself and your family safe. The film itself acts as a kind of protective barrier, keeping glass shards contained and out of harm’s way.

So, next time you think about car window films, spare a thought for the window’s in your home, as well. It really can make a difference.

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How pre-cut window tint products save you time, money and frustration

At, we have developed a range of pre-measured and pre-cut window tinting products for some of the most popular brands and models of cars in the United Kingdom. We could have taken the lazy way out and just decided to only ship rolls and sheets of car window film, but we knew that the opportunity of selling ‘ready to use’ tints was too good to pass up. Trying to measure and cut everything manually was always a frustrating experience for us as regular motorists, and this is what drove us to offer our comprehensive range of designs.

Saving our loyal customers time is a major factor, and our pre-cut window tints are designed to just peel off and fit the exact window dimensions for many different car manufacturers. You can forget about taking measurements, cutting the tint material, fitting it, taking it off again when you discover a mistake… you get the picture. When you shop with us, you know that your window tint will arrive ready to be fitted into your vehicle, and your garage or driveway won’t become a sea of discarded off-cuts. (Don’t worry if you would prefer to work with a roll of car window tint material, however – we still sell these too!)

Buying a whole roll of tinting film can be expensive when you only need to install it in a single car, and ordering a set of pre-prepared window treatments will ensure that you are not left with excess material. You are only paying for the tints that you actually need, and you are also saving a considerable amount of money in comparison to taking your vehicle to a professional tinting installer. For those with a less than steady hand, having everything in the right dimensions is a huge bonus, and you don’t have to worry about gaps, wonky cutting and the other pitfalls that clumsy car enthusiasts can sometimes suffer from.

In theory, the only way that it could all go wrong is if you order the wrong type of film for your car windows. Most people can tell the difference between an Alfa Romeo and a Fiat, so this shouldn’t really be a worry. Combine this convenience with the downloadable instruction manual from our website, and you will be admiring your handiwork in no time.

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