Tinting: not just for cars

While our minds might immediately jump straight to the world of automobiles and car window tinting when we think about tinting, you can also give the windows in your home the tinted treatment. Available in a range of different finishes, window tints offer a host of advantages that can help protect your home and the valuables within.

One of the most popular reasons people tint their windows is to minimise heat. The sun may be great at keeping our tans topped up, but it can have a damaging effect on furniture, flooring and decorations. If you want to keep those precious appointments to your pad looking just as good as the day you bought them, think about investing in a window film that possesses a high ultraviolet light rejection percentage. Some films are so effective they can block out a whopping 99% percent of the ultraviolet rays the sun beams earthwards.

Aside from prematurely ageing your upholstery, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rate can have a serious impact on your health. The main culprit behind sunburns and a leading contributor to the risks of skin cancer, radiation from ultraviolet light is a recognised carcinogen in humans. To limit your exposure and ensure you stay fighting fit, one of our home window films would make an ideal addition to your room. The films come in a variety of styles and finishes: darker options will help eliminate glare almost completely, while lighter films will give you all the benefits outlined, as well as the benefit of lots of natural light.

We know it doesn’t bear thinking about, but from time to time windows do break. Whether it’s due to a penalty shootout in the back garden gone horribly wrong or vandalism, accidents can and will happen. Luckily, with a cut window film you can reduce the risk of shattering and help keep yourself and your family safe. The film itself acts as a kind of protective barrier, keeping glass shards contained and out of harm’s way.

So, next time you think about car window films, spare a thought for the window’s in your home, as well. It really can make a difference.

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How pre-cut window tint products save you time, money and frustration

At window-tint.co.uk, we have developed a range of pre-measured and pre-cut window tinting products for some of the most popular brands and models of cars in the United Kingdom. We could have taken the lazy way out and just decided to only ship rolls and sheets of car window film, but we knew that the opportunity of selling ‘ready to use’ tints was too good to pass up. Trying to measure and cut everything manually was always a frustrating experience for us as regular motorists, and this is what drove us to offer our comprehensive range of designs.

Saving our loyal customers time is a major factor, and our pre-cut window tints are designed to just peel off and fit the exact window dimensions for many different car manufacturers. You can forget about taking measurements, cutting the tint material, fitting it, taking it off again when you discover a mistake… you get the picture. When you shop with us, you know that your window tint will arrive ready to be fitted into your vehicle, and your garage or driveway won’t become a sea of discarded off-cuts. (Don’t worry if you would prefer to work with a roll of car window tint material, however – we still sell these too!)

Buying a whole roll of tinting film can be expensive when you only need to install it in a single car, and ordering a set of pre-prepared window treatments will ensure that you are not left with excess material. You are only paying for the tints that you actually need, and you are also saving a considerable amount of money in comparison to taking your vehicle to a professional tinting installer. For those with a less than steady hand, having everything in the right dimensions is a huge bonus, and you don’t have to worry about gaps, wonky cutting and the other pitfalls that clumsy car enthusiasts can sometimes suffer from.

In theory, the only way that it could all go wrong is if you order the wrong type of film for your car windows. Most people can tell the difference between an Alfa Romeo and a Fiat, so this shouldn’t really be a worry. Combine this convenience with the downloadable instruction manual from our website, and you will be admiring your handiwork in no time.

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How to remove old window tint

If you have a car with tinted windows, you may eventually need to replace the tint. Bubbling or a purple tone are sure signs that your window tint needs to be redone, but before you can apply your new car window tint, you need to get rid of the old. Window tint consists of two layers, and when you are removing it you should ideally avoid separating the two layers. If the upper layer comes away from the lower, you will end up with a flaky layer that is more difficult to get off.

There are several different options for removing old window tint:


If you have or can get hold of a steamer, this is probably the simplest way of removing old tint. Follow the equipment instructions for setting up, then steam your car window until the adhesive begins to melt and the tint can be peeled off. When you have peeled off all of the tint, apply an adhesive remover to the screen to clean it fully.


This approach can only be used on a warm sunny day. First park your car in a position so that the relevant window is facing the sun. Coat the outside of your window with soapy water and cover with one or more black plastic bags, as smoothly as possible. Cover up the interior close to the window to avoid any damage to surfaces. Protect yourself with a face mask then spray plenty of undiluted ammonia onto the window to ensure complete coverage. Place a sheet of plastic over the window so that the ammonia will not evaporate. Leave for one hour. Use a razor blade to peel away the tinted film. If you are removing tint from the rear window you will need to be very careful to ensure that you do not damage the demister. Apply more ammonia if needed.

Soaking with soapy water

This basic method is slower, but is a good option if you don’t want to use ammonia and don’t have access to a steamer. Use a razor blade to cut into the tint and peel off the film layer. Spray soapy water on the remaining layer of adhesive and scrape it off carefully.

Whichever method you choose, the important thing is to do a thorough job so that your car is prepared for you to apply your new car window tint.

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New pre cut window tint kits added!

We’re always working hard to expand our range of car window templates so we can offer even more pre cut window tint kits for sale.

We’ve just added a load of kits to our BMW, Lexus and Skoda categories and will be adding new cars to other categories over the next few weeks and then in the future as they become available.

Remember, if you can’t find window tint listed for your car, please contact us as we may have the template in our database but not listed on the site.

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Merry Christmas from Window-Tint

Well that time of year is upon us once again, and here at Window-Tint HQ we are feeling festive and would like to take the opportunity to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Continue reading

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Lights, camera, tinting!

Well, not so much camera, but here at Window-Tint, we’re the experts in headlight and tail light tinting film so there’s definitely a lot of action to be had.

Why should I invest in tinting film for my headlights and rear lights, we hear you cry. Because there’s nothing better than a car with a well-tinted front and an even more tinted back. Continue reading

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Christmas Posting Dates and Opening Times

Christmas Opening Times

We will close at 1pm on December 24th and reopen on Monday 30th December. Orders can still be placed during this time and will be processed when we reopen.

Last Posting Dates

Any of our products will make a great Christmas present, so if you want them in time for the big day please take a look at our list of recommend dates when you should place your order by. Our 24 hour service is the only guaranteed service, so the sooner you order the better. Continue reading

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The Benefits of Tinting your Car Windows

Believe it or not, there’s more to tinting than just how devilishly great it looks.

Surprised as you may be; window tinting actually has very practical advantages, and here’s what they are: Continue reading

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Window-Tint in Vegas! SEMA show 2013

We headed on over to the bright lights of Las Vegas earlier this month to attend the very exciting, annual SEMA show. It’s our third year of being a part of the trade-only event and we enjoyed every second of it! Continue reading

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The Laws around Tinting

There are certain rules and regulations that need to be abided by, when tinting the windows of a car. Before purchasing tint it is important to be fully aware of what is acceptable, to ensure that your car is still legal to drive upon completion. Continue reading

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