Tinting Your Car Windows Is Good For Your Health!


As well as looking cool, installing window tint on to your car windows can also help keep you cool, as it reduces the impact of radiant heat as it hits the windows. In turn, it also saves you money on your fuel bill as there is less need for the air conditioning on. What’s more, it also blocks over 99% of harmful rays from the sun and so helps to protect your and your family’s skin.

As if this wasn’t enough, car window tint helps to reduces glare, making it safer and easier and easier to drive and provides some privacy and security when leaving your vehicle unattended.

How many more reasons do you need to tint your car windows? Order your pre-cut car window tinting kit now from www.window-tint.co.uk 


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Car Window Tinting & Percentages Of Tint

So what exactly is car window tinting?


In simple terms, window tint is a self adhesive film with a clear backing that is peeled away as you apply the film to the car windows. Some sort of squeegee or other tool is extremely useful when applying the film, as it helps it to go on smoothly and to eliminate any bubbles that might appear during the process. Check out our Window Tinting Videos & Guides to achieve the best results with your pre-cut car window tinting kit.

What do the different percentages of tint mean?

Basically, the percentage refers to the percentage of light that is able to pass through the film. A high percentage of 70% means that a large proportion of light can get through the film, while a low percentage of 5% means that only a small amount of light can pass through, and so the tint is much darker and is more difficult to see through.

The different options of window tinting film available are:

5% – Limo Tint
20% – Dark Smoke
35% – Light Smoke
50% – Ultra Light Smoke
70% – Ultra Ultra Light Smoke

When thinking about which percentage of tint would be best for your needs, it is useful to consider what it is you want  the film for. For example, if you wanted more security for the back of your car, you might pick a darker tint such as 5% for the rear window. It is important to note that the UK law states that a tint of higher than 70% CANNOT legally be used on the front windows of the car, but on the rear windows only.

For more information and to see how the different shades of tint would look on your car, you can visit our Car Window Tint Simulator.


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Tint Your Car Windows For World Energy Conservation Day

Save energy theme with car and trees illustration

Q: How can tinting your car windows help to conserve energy?

A: In the summer, window tint can block between around 35-65% of the solar heat that builds up in a car, depending on the grade of the tint. This in turn helps to stop the car from overheating, which then reduces air conditioning overuse and excessive fuel consumption.

In the colder winter months, car tinted windows help retain heat by stopping it from escaping through the windows. This means less need for high levels of heating, which again helps to reduce fuel consumption.

For a wide range of pre-cut car window tinting kits, visit www.window-tint.co.uk.


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The New Aston Martin Vantage: 5 Facts


1)  The car has a 0-60mph time of 3.6 seconds and is able to reach a whopping 195mph.

2)  The Vantage was inspired by the Aston Martin Vulcan – the track-only supercar.

3)  James Bond’s car in the film Spectre was based on this new model.

4)  Aston calls the Vantage look as ‘predatory’.

5)  The car would cost you just over £120,000.

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Mercedes-Benz Safety Issue

m-b2Mercedes-Benz cars are being recalled due to a potential safety issue with the airbags. In the UK around 400,000 cars are affected, and around 495,000 in the USA.

A spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz stated that there would only be a safety issue in certain vehicles  in “rare circumstances” and that the cars are safe to drive as normal. However, if the airbag warning light should come on, drivers should seek assistance straight away.

The safety issue is said to affect certain A,B,C and E-class models, and CLA, GLA and GLC vehicles built between November 2011 and July 2017.

Mercedes-Benz have said that they will contact all affected customers to ask them to bring their vehicle in so that they can solve the problem, which will only take an hour to perform and will be free of charge.

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Do roadworks drive you mad? There could be some good news!


It has been announced that the Department for Transport have outlined proposals in which utility companies could be charged by the hour when undertaking roadworks. This attempt to reduce unnecessary delays will be good news for many UK motorists who find themselves regularly inconvenienced by roadworks.

It is also hoped that going forward the different utility companies will work together to achieve as minimum disruption as possible to motorists, rather than all working on the roads at different times.  For many of us there is nothing more frustrating than a company completing one set of roadworks, only for another company to come along and dig up the same roads again just a few weeks later.

Trials have already taken place in London and Kent, where motorists have seen delays caused by roadworks drop significantly.

And it’s also good news for the UK economy, as roadworks carried out in the UK have been shown to cost around 4 billion pounds in terms of lost productivity, delays and rising business costs.

What do you think of the proposals? Do you think that they will work?

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Speed cameras and fines


You will usually know if you’ve been caught by a speed camera as it will emit two bright flashes as you drive by. And there is also something called an average speed camera system which consists of a series of CCTV-style cameras that record your car registration as you pass. The system then calculates how fast you’ve been travelling between each camera and from this works out your average speed. Beware – if it’s above the speed limit, it’s going to cost you.

From 2017, speeding fines have increased. The minimum fine for speeding is £100, though it could be up to a whopping £2500 if you are caught significantly speeding on the motorway and you find yourself having to go to court.

The three main ‘bands’ of speeding are now:

BAND A – this is the lowest level of speeding, for which you can expect to be fined around 50% of your weekly income. An example would be driving between 21mph and 30mp in a 20mph zone.

BAND B – this is for more serious cases of speeding, where you could pay a fine of 100% of your weekly income. For example, if you were driving 31mph to 40mph in a 20mph zone.

BAND C – this is for the most extreme cases of speeding, and for which you could pay a fine of 150% of your weekly income. An example would be driving 41mph or above in a 20mph zone.

It’s important to remember that there is a degree of flexibility in terms of the fines, depending on exceptional circumstances such as a genuine emergency. There are also speed awareness courses which are usually offered as an alternative.  Although you can’t appeal a fine, there is the option to reject it in which case you’d go to court instead. However, we would advise to avoid this if at all possible as it can be a difficult and costly route to take.



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Virgo Traits – Sound Familiar?

It’s the first day of the Virgo star sign. So what are the most common traits of a Virgo? Do you recognise any of the below in any of your family or friends? Tag someone who comes to mind!


Positive Traits

#1   Loyal

#2   Kind

#3   Hardworking

#4   Practical

#5   Responsible

Negative Traits

#1   Worrying

#2   Overly critical

#3   Stubborn

#4   Pessimistic

#5   Materialistic

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Car finance companies using ‘kill switches’ to immobilise vehicles


Car finance companies now have the power to immobilise cars using a ‘kill switch’ if the customer does not make their monthly payments. The controversial immobilisers are a GPS device in the form of a small black box that is installed behind the dashboard of the car. They are said to be generally offered to customers with poor credit ratings.

Each month when a driver makes their monthly payment to the car finance company, a code is given to them to enter into the device. This will enable the car to keep on running. If they don’t pay, they don’t receive a code and the car will not start.

Many have pointed out that this is irresponsible and also potentially dangerous, as it could leave drivers stranded and vunerable. Graham Hill from the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers has also raised the issue of the legality of the devices. The Financial Conduct Authority is yet to confirm whether the immobilisers are under their investigation.

However, the Car Finance Company who fits the immobilisers claimed that the devices actually helped customers by reminding them when their payments were due. The company also said that they could provide an emergency code so that the driver was able to move their vehicle to a safe and secure location before being disabled.

What do you think? Are these immobilisers a good idea or are they ruthless and exploitative?

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Car Servicing – Is Your Location On The List?


Car servicing and MOT prices can greatly fluctuate depending on whereabouts you live in the country, sometimes up to a massive 42%.

According to comparison site MyCarNeedsA.com, the most expensive geographical locations and their average service costs are:

South West London – £195
Leicester – £187
Portsmouth – 186
Bristol – £180
Nottingham – £176
Dartford – £170
Wigan – £170
Bradford – £170
Preston – £170
Crewe – £170

The cheapest geographical locations and their average service pricings are:

Stoke-On-Trent – £113
Walsall – £117
Doncaster – £127
Coventry – £127
Swansea – £129
Derby – £129
Birmingham – £129
Manchester – £129
Stockport – £129
Oldham – £129

We’d advise getting several quotes for a car service and MOT no matter where you live in the country, as obviously prices can also fluctuate between dealers and garages in a particular area.



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