Tinted Car Windows Are Cool.

As well as the many safety and security benefits of having your car windows tinted, such as the reduction of harmful UV rays and reduced glare while driving, it can’t be denied that having your car windows tinted dramatically improves the style and look of your car, and can help raise your car credibility instantly.


If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can choose from either the elegance of clear and invisible window film or the more dramatic look of dark limo film, to create the look you want for your car and to reflect your own personal preference .

So as well as adding peace of mind for increased safety and security, window tinting is a practical and affordable way to enhance the style and look of your vehicle.

What are you waiting for?



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Window Film = Improved Safety

One of the many benefits of getting your car windows tinted is improved safety.

Shattered car windows can be extremely dangerous to family, friends, pets or any other passengers travelling in your car, as well as to yourself. But window film helps prevent glass from shattering and so protects those in the vehicle from any potential flying glass shards. This is because the film is specially designed to keep glass from shattering.


So to gain some peace of mind, visit www.window-tint.co.uk to view our extensive range of car window tinting kits. With over 600 different kits to choose from, we are confident that you will find the right one for you and your family.

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Does Window Tint Successfully Reduce Heat In Cars?


Q: Does window tint successfully reduce heat in cars?

A: Yes!

Car window tint works by rejecting thermal rays from the sun that create heat whilst letting the wavelengths that create light pass through the window, dramatically reducing the heat (and therefore comfort) in the car successfully without blocking any light.

Although sunshades may be better at keeping the car dashboard cooler in sunny weather, it has proven that window tint is much more effective in cooling the car cabin, and at keeping it cool!

Experts have proven that window tint can reduce the heat in your car by up to 60%.

Visit www.window-tint.co.uk to view our extensive range of pre cut car window tinting kits now.

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Why tint your car windows?


There are many benefits to tinting your car windows. Here are our top five:

Window tint…

  1. Blocks up to 99% harmful UV rays which can cause damage to both passengers in the car and to the interior upholstery itself.
  2.  Helps to keep your car cool – window film reflects infra red rays from the sun, reducing the heat inside your car by up to 60%.
  3. Reduces glare – tinted windows can help protect from any glare that may reduce visibility, particularly in the winter months when the sun is low on the horizon, therefore increasing driving safety.
  4. Increases privacy and security of both passengers and belongings when using darker film on the rear windows.
  5. Provides style enhancement – window tint can dramatically improve the look of your car, whichever shade you go for.

How many more reasons do you need? Visit www.window-tint.co.uk to view our massive range of pre cut car window tints today.

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Start Your Own Window Tinting Business Today!

Are you tired of your current job and dreading returning after the Christmas break? Have you always dreamed of running your own business? Do you have an interest in cars and window tinting? Maybe 2017 is the year to start your very own car window tinting business!


If you’re unsure where to start we have an exclusive online course from Tom Smith, founder and owner of Window-Tint.co.uk and CarStylingCentre.co.uk, containing everything you need to know. From finding tint suppliers to completing the job, as well as how to keep your customers happy, it couldn’t be clearer!

We also offer the unique addition of free ongoing support, so if you should encounter a problem while setting up your business, you can contact Tom directly for his expertise and advice.

It’s everything you need to get started with setting up your own window tinting business today. And until the end of January 2017, we are offering the course at a discounted rate from £399.00 to just £129.00.

Click below to begin the exciting journey of setting up your very own business. And best of luck!


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A Day In the Life Of Window-Tint.co.uk!


Here at Window-Tint.co.uk we are constantly working hard to bring our customers the very best products and services. Below we will give you a brief insight into what a typical day is like at our premises in Chester.

You could say that there are five distinct parts to our day:

1) The day begins as we enter the main office to answer any questions or comments we have had in from our customers. We aim to get back to customers as quickly and as helpfully as possible.


2) At the same time across in the workshop, another member of the team will be collating and printing off all of the online orders that have been received. The orders are then sorted into relevant categories to make the production process quicker and more efficient.

3) Next is the production of the orders. The start of the week tends to be our busiest time in terms of order processing, and so speed as well as accuracy is extremely important. When required, members of the team will pair up into teams to make the process faster – while one produces the orders, another will package them ready for delivery later that day.


4) Once all of the orders have been completed, they will then be sorted into delivery options such as first or second class postage, and then declared and prepared for delivery.

5) Finally, the orders make their way to the local postage sorting office with the relevant paperwork, where they will begin their journey of distribution to our customers.

Meanwhile across in our Car Styling Centre, one of our trained technicians will be working hard on customers’ vehicles in order to give them a brand new look. Below are a couple of cars that were in our workshop last week.



Of course, no two days are ever the same, and we totally thrive on that. One thing, though, remains ever consistent – our commitment and dedication to customer service and satisfaction. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their support and custom – we really do appreciate it!

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Christmas Posting Dates

Pre cut window tinting kits are a great idea for a Christmas gift for those with an interest in car styling. At Window-Tint.co.uk we have a vast range of kits available, as well as 3 different fitting kits to suit each budget:


Don’t forget to order your items in plenty of time to receive them before Christmas. The recommend last dates to place your order so that you receive it in time for Christmas (December 25th) are below, though we would recommend you order before these dates in case of any delays with postage.


Royal Mail 48 – 12pm Tuesday 20 December

Royal Mail 24 – 12pm Wednesday 21 December

24 Hour Courier – 12pm Thursday 22 December


Cyprus, Asia, Far East, Eastern Europe (except Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia), Turkey, Malta – 12pm Wednesday 7 December

Caribbean, Central & South America – 12pm Thursday 8 December

Greece, Australia, New Zealand – 12pm Friday 9 December

Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland – 12pm Wednesday 14 December

Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA – 12pm Thursday 15 December

Rest of Europe – 12pm Friday 16 December

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Window-Tint.co.uk! We hope that 2017 is a great one for you and yours.

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Window Tinting: A Beginner’s Guide


Many people new to the world of window tinting wonder what it actually is and how to apply it to the window effectively. In simple terms, window tint is a self adhesive film with a clear backing that is peeled away as you apply the film to the window. If you think in terms of sticky back plastic, you’re not far off!

Some sort of squeegee or other tool is extremely useful when applying the film, as it helps it to go on smoothly and to eliminate any bubbles that might appear during the process. If you haven’t got a squeegee to hand, a credit card can produce a fairly similar result. A full set of instructions on how to install window tint film can be viewed on our website.

So what do the different percentages of tint mean? Basically, it refers to the percentage of light that is able to pass through the film. A high percentage of 70% means that a large proportion of light can get through the film, while a low percentage of 5% means that only a small amount of light can pass through, and so the tint is much darker and is more difficult to see through.

The different options of window tinting film available at Window-Tint.co.uk are:

5% – limo tint
20% – dark smoke
35% – light smoke
50% – ultra light smoke
70% – ultra ultra light smoke

When thinking about which percentage of tint would be best for your needs, it is useful to consider what it is that you require the film for. For example, if you wanted more security for the back of your car, you might pick a darker tint such as 5% for the rear window. It is important to note that the UK law states that a tint of higher than 70% CANNOT legally be used on the front windows of the car, but on the rear windows only.

Other benefits of window film include that of styling, UV protection and added privacy.

There are more images of tinted vehicles on our website showing what the different tint shades look like.

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The SEMA Show, Las Vegas


The SEMA Show is the biggest and most prestigious automotive speciality products show in the world. Last week we were fortunate enough to attend SEMA and saw tons of amazing cars.

We spent most of our time at the ‘Restyling and Car Accessories’ section, but also got to see some other vehicles like the one below.


We met some of our international suppliers and watched a few great demonstrations of new products such as the Paint Protection Film, which we will be excited to offer to our customers in the very near future.


We ate some hor d’ouevres and a few too many cakes at the SunTek Window Films party, and met some cool old American men, one of who told us lots of stories from his youth when he was a professional baseball player. Apparently he was quite a star back then, and we must admit that we were quite impressed!

Now that we are back in the UK, we are working hard to implement what we learned at the show, as well as developing our range of products that we offer our customers. We are as determined and motivated as ever to continue delivering excellent quality, service and customer satisfaction, and are really excited as to what 2017 has in store.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for your continued support and custom – we really do appreciate it.

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Window tinting training courses

We’ve recently launched our online window tinting training course which cover everything you need to know about window tinting and running your own window tinting business.


Produced by our founder Tom Smith who has over 10 years experience in the window tinting industry, the training course includes HD videos and articles, and also gives you exclusive access to discounted rates on window tint rolls and fitting tools.

Find out more about our window tint training course.

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