A Simple Guide To Getting Your Car Serviced


Types of Car Service

The cheapest and most basic type of service you can get for your car is an Oil and Filter Change, for which you can expect to pay between £50 and £150 depending on where you are in the country. This includes getting the oil and oil filter changed, plus a general visual inspection of the car. It is worth noting that during this service, no safety checks such as checking the brakes are made.

The next service up is the Basic/ Interim Service which includes the oil and filter being changed, plus some additional safety checks such as the lights, horn, wipers, brakes, steering and exhaust. This service should cost you somewhere around £70 and £250, depending on the cost of parts and your geographical location.

A Full Service includes everything in the basic service with the addition of pollen filter and air conditioning checks, a top up of brake fluid and antifreeze, and other more thorough checks on areas such as the brakes and engine. For this, the cost can entirely depend on the individual car and the cost of its parts, but generally speaking you can expect to pay from £150 upwards.

How Often Should You Get Your Car Serviced?

To keep a car in its best condition, it is recommended that it should be serviced every year. Each car has a servicing schedule set by the manufacturer which shows which part of the cars need attention and how often. It is important to follow the guidance in the servicing schedule properly to prevent invalidation of the vehicle’s warranty. Most cars also have dashboard messages which cover issues such as brakes, engine, oil and tyre pressure. A list of what each warning message means will be listed in the car owner’s manual.

Although it can be tempting to skip a service in order to save money, this is likely to cause more expense later due to having to replace damaged parts due to poor maintenance.

Where Should You Get Your Car Serviced?

Car services at dealerships tend to be more expensive due to higher overheads and staff commission. You could well be better finding a good local garage, preferably one that has been recommended by family or friends.




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