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How to install pre-cut window tint

All of our pre cut window tint kits come with full fitting instructions.

We have provided a copy of our instructions below so you can prepare yourself once you have ordered one of our kits.

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As the boy scouts once said - fail to prepare, prepare to fail. This holds true with window tinting - if you prepare your car prior to installing your film you will achieve a much better finish.

  • Find a clean environment to work in - ideally a garage, but if you have to work outside chose a dry, still day.
  • Clean your car throughly - inside and out. Vacuum the interior if there is lots of hair/dust.
  • Remove any stickers on the inside of your windows and clean off any adhesive residue - window film will not stick to this. (Tip: use a scourer to remove sticker residue)
  • Remove any obstructions inside the car that will get in your way - rear parcel shelf, brake lights, speakers etc.
  • Clean the rubber around the windows with tint solution - if you don't, dirt from these will drip behind the film when installed.

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Step 1: Window Cleaning

This is probably the most important step when fitting window tint in order to achieve a good finish - DO NOT TAKE ANY SHORT CUTS!

Automotive glass contains oils and residues that are invisible but which must be cleaned off, otherwise the bonding of the window film to the glass can be affected.

  • Make sure you are fully prepared as explained above
  • Clean the window thoroughly with a lint-free cloth soaked in tint solution, making sure you remove any dust particles and grease
  • Remove excess water from the window using your squeegee - work from the middle of the window out to the edges
  • Lower the window approx. 5cm and clean the window again
  • Never use a paper towel to clean/dry the window - only use a squeegee

Build your pre cut window tint kit >

Step 2: Side Window Installation

  • Lay out the film on the outside glass of the window - make sure the clear backing film is facing out. Spray the outside of the window with tint solution to hold the film in place.
  • Clean the inside of the window one more time, working from the middle outwards, then spray again and leave wet.
  • Wind down the window approx. 2cm.
  • Starting at the top of the film, peel the backing film halfway down and spray the exposed adhesive side of the film with tint solution.
  • Bring the half peeled film section inside the car and position it to fit on the window, leaving a gap of 3mm from the top. Squeegee the top 1-2cm of the film in a downwards motion, being careful to avoid the unpeeled bottom section.
  • Allow the top section to dry for a few minutes and then raise the window again.
  • Lift up the bottom section of the film and clean and squeegee the bottom of the glass as before. Spray the glass again and pull away the remaining backing film on the lower section.
  • Tuck the bottom of the film under the window rubber (use a card to pull back the rubber and start tucking the film in from one side, working your way to the other side.
  • Squeegee the window thoroughly to remove any excess moisture and bubbles - always work from the middle outwards.
  • Allow any fingers to dry for a few minutes and then try to smooth them down using the card (do not push too hard)

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Step 3: Rear Windscreen Installation

If your car has a curved windscreen you should heat-shrink the film prior to installing for best results. Please see our heat-shrinking video below.

  • Spray the outside of the back window with tint solution and lay the film on the outside of the window with the clear backing facing you.
  • Remove the brake light, speakers and parcel shelf if needed.
  • Squeegee clean the inside of the rear window one more time before installation, making sure all the edges are clean.
  • Peel off the clear backing film and spray the film with tint solution. Lay the backing film you have peeled off into the parcel shelf in order to protect the interior and to prevent carpet fibres getting on the film.
  • Spray the inside of the window and adhesive side of the film one more time with tint solution.
  • Hold the film at the top at either side and slide into the car.
  • Position the film at the top of the window and move downwards working the film onto the glass.
  • Squeegee an area in the middle of the film this will stabalise the film and allow you to smooth the outer areas.
  • Stretch out the film by hand by pushing outwards from the middle so that it fits into all corners and edges. Then, holding the film stretched out, squeegee to finally stick down firm. Do this in sections, first the middle section on each side and then the tip and corners. Always squeegee from the middle all the way out to the edges.
  • Do not worry about any fingers - come back and dry them later.

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