Lights, camera, tinting!

Well, not so much camera, but here at Window-Tint, we’re the experts in headlight and tail light tinting film so there’s definitely a lot of action to be had.

Why should I invest in tinting film for my headlights and rear lights, we hear you cry. Because there’s nothing better than a car with a well-tinted front and an even more tinted back.

Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, there are also more helpful benefits that go along with this. For example, headlight tinting can prevent your headlights (which will be expensive to replace) from chipping, cracks or scratches.

This goes for both plastic and glass headlights. Plastic lenses are more liable to become clouded and dull, and glass lenses run the higher risk of shattering or being scratched.

Differing colours allow for differing effects too. Black headlight tinting film creates a dark, smoky appearance, whilst blue produces a cool hue, the epitome of coolness.

Check out our headlight tint product range and choose your style today.

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