A Beginner’s Guide To Car Body Types

In case you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the many different car body types out there, we’ve listed below some of the more common ones below to help you decide which one would be the best option for you.

MPV – Multi-Purpose Vehicle

A multi-purpose vehicle is a practical vehicle that often appeals to families and those who are looking for more space generally. The body of the vehicle often resembles a van and has both rear side doors and rear side windows.  There are often three seat rows which can seat up to seven people or more.

Example of a MPV: Ford Galaxy



SUV – Sporty Utility Vehicle

A sporty utility vehicle sits higher off the ground and often look big and chunky, with lots of power and cargo capacity. They differ from 4×4 vehicles as they are more suited to roads and city living rather than off-road. Their comfort and stability make motorway speeds easy and the light controls make city driving easy.

Example of an SUV: Range Rover Evoque



The hatchback is the largest option before moving up to a saloon. The whole rear end opens to allow access to the boot.  It often has a sloping back with a hinged rear door that opens upwards , and the boot lid and windscreen are one piece that move simultaneously.

Example of a hatchback: Volkswagen Golf



The saloon can come in all shapes and sizes, and consists of a boot is separate from the car’s passenger compartment. The legroom in the cabin is often roomier than in a hatchback, and it has a fixed roof that is full height up to the rear window. The saloon is one of the most common body styles of the modern car.

Example of a saloon: Audi A4



Often sporty and with a sleeker profile than a saloon, particularly at the rear, the coupe often has 2 doors instead of 4. Some have a rear bench but this is generally only suitable for small people on small trips. The desirability factor of the coupe means that it can often cost more than the practical cars that they are based on.

Example of a coupe: Peugeot 407



Put simply, a convertible is a coupe that has had its roof removed and replaced with a retractable cover. Sometimes called a cabriolet and sporty in style, it has a folding or retractable roof that can be hard or soft top. A convertible usually has 2 doors.

Example of a convertible: Mazda MX-5



An estate is usually based on a saloon or a hatchback but is longer in shape. Its rear window extends to the boot lid which allows useful extra cargo room.

Example of an estate: Volvo V60


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